viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

Pocas cosas como aventurarme a los enigmas de tu cuerpo. Ese constante recorrer y descubrirte. Desnudando tus misterios, visitando tus adentros. Grabando la quintaesencia de tu organismo entre la llema de mis dedos.

Es porque eres, y existes, y andas por ahí. Con ese paso tan tuyo y ese nombre.



I long for you and your caress. The feeling of your sweet and warm breath upon my face. I can't seem to get rid of this need, this necessity of exploring every nook an cranny of your being, from the tip of your toes to every fiber of your hair. I'm in this deep state of need, in this craving of you.

Give yourself to me once more, wrap me between your legs and never let me go again, 'cause everyday I see you I think is the last I'll do, and every passing moment without you makes my days longer.

Let me feel your skin against my skin, the pressure of your body on top of mine. Feel me slip inside of you as I make you mine. I want to hear you gasp, moan, scream as I fill every inch of your insides.

I long for that moment when I stare deep into your eyes as I enter you, close my eyes and hear your voice carry with your breath: “I love you”

Mario Doñé